e-commerce store in-house or outsourced

E-commerce store in-house or outsourced

e-commerce store in-house or outsourced

E-commerce In-house solutions mean that your business invests resources in creating e-commerce solutions that can only be used within your business. Your team is responsible for routine maintenance, but the system is specifically designed to meet your current needs. E-commerce outsourced solution means placing your e-commerce in the hands of a team of experienced professionals who are not related to your business but who have their expertise and knowledge to work for your business. There is a point in a company’s lifecycle when you have to choose between outsourcing your e-commerce or continuing to keep everything in-house. This is an issue that most companies should not take lightly, as wrong decisions can heavily impact the success of the business.

Any company wishing to do business in the e-commerce space will at some point enter a phase where determining the maximum growth path becomes a problem. Is it better to outsource e-commerce development or keep it in-house? This is an important decision that leaders should not underestimate. This affects the success or failure of the entire company. Some organizations prefer the autonomy provided by having someone in-house who can respond to e-commerce emergencies as soon as it arises, while others take responsibility for external resources to deal with it completely.   But this is not a universal situation. Making the “right” decision will depend on the company particular setup, as well as the company’s culture and anticipated future development

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The advantages of having an In-house E-commerce Solution

A great degree of customization

 One of the benefits of moving e-commerce operations within a company is that the solutions are specifically designed to meet the needs of your business. Let’s face it; no one knows your business better than you. An in-house solution is designed to meet the needs of your organization, without any extra features to bog down your operations.

Cost effective

 An outsourcing agency can mean a lot of money, especially if you’re just starting out. You may not be able to pay to use a third party agency, especially if you are not going to immediately return on your investment in their services. Hiring an outsourced agency to build a B2B online store can be costly, especially if you’re a new business that doesn’t generate much income. There is no guarantee that you will see an immediate return on your investment by outsourcing your business store.

Take control over operations

The main advantage of your own e-commerce solution is that you have full control over everything. Have a dedicated team of developers on your staff that focuses on the e-commerce needs of your business that is your platform suits your specific needs. Everything about your personal needs can be addressed directly with the dynamic changes you receive from your personal advice and business strategy. Some companies are fortunate to have a large team of employees who do not need outside help. Some business owners believe that this way they can save money.

The disadvantage of having an In-house E-commerce Solution

Lack of cyber security

There may be a security breach. Big corporations have faced them, but they also have the revenue to do no harm to their brand. A small company can’t take a single hit. If you can’t guarantee that consumer information is secure, an in-house e-commerce solution might not be the best option for you.

It’s expensive

Having a development team that will work perfectly on your business needs on an ongoing business basis is an expensive undertaking, especially for startups. Developers are very skilled and can therefore earn high salaries. This is because of the value it provides to your business – without them you would not have an e-commerce platform. But having a dedicated team and associated costs is a luxury that few businesses can afford. Due to high demand, developers are demanding that their salary needs be met enough to detract them from other offers.

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The advantages of having an outsource E-commerce Solution

Cyber security

Unlike in-house solutions, the standard outsourcing e-commerce platform comes with a security prevention team dedicated to protecting your information and security. Knowing that your information gives them peace of mind will keep your customers safe.

Professional help

By bringing outsourced e-commerce solutions, you are dealing with a team of experts who spend every day working on this platform. An experienced e-commerce solutions team knows what you need to take your business to the next level. They do everything from setting up your online uniform store to updating product catalogs.

Ideal e-commerce solution

Having confidence in your business in the hands of an external team with experience in e-commerce solutions is one of the few things that bother you and your employees. You can save a lot of time because you don’t have to create your own solution from your own products, prices, links and much more.

Access to verity of payment methods

If you want to offer your customers the opportunity to pay for more than one way, it is best to hire an outsourced e-commerce solution that offers a wide range of payments. High-quality e-commerce solutions also accept currencies from around the world.

The disadvantages of having an outsource E-commerce Solution

Difficult to find an authentic partner

Before deciding which agent to outsource to your online store, be sure to review the agent reviews, introductory text and other things that can give you insights on whether the agent is good enough to hire. He is reliable enough or not.

Higher cost

When it comes to outsourcing e-commerce solutions, it’s very easy to spend a lot. Be sure to share your concerns with the technology provider you are hiring because they can work with you and serve you at an affordable price.


From this article, it can be concluded that the E-commerce solution either it is in-house or outsource has advantages and disadvantages. The E-commerce solutions are very beneficial for the company if it is implemented carefully and according to company requirements. The first important step for the company to get knowledge about which E-commerce solution will best suit their company and will provide maximum output. 

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