Agile Project management Tools

6 Best Agile Project management Tools

Agile Project management Tools:

Agile Project management is based on methodology by which a project is broken down into several steps or sprints.Hence allowing the project management team to release segments of project that are completed. In other words it helps a great deal in keeping up with highly paced projects, at the same time keeping a close eye on customer feedback, making necessary changes or upgradation in the next sprint as per the requirements.

For making the whole scenario practically possible, the need of Agile Project management tools arise. Number of tools have been developed to catch up with the idea of Agile Project management. These tools spilt the whole project into small segments allowing flexibility, providing the freedom to make necessary changes in between sprints. A sprint comprises of a cycle containing 4 main steps: 1) Planning. 2) Design. 3) Testing. 4) Release.

The common feature of these Agile project management tools is a Dashboard which keeps the Agile Project management team updated with the progress & completion of certain targets at certain stages.

Here are some of the top Agile Project management tools that are forming the basis of Agile Project management.

(1) JIRA:

Developed in 2002, JIRA was solemnly an issue tracking tool before being developed as an Agile Project management tool after the launch of the Atlassian marketplace in the year 2012.

JIRA is now designed for bug tracking, issue tracking & project management.

JIRA is very well integrated. The list of projects is created by using a tool called Confluence which are tracked on interactive Kanban, it can be updated by developers as they proceed with the project.

(2) Zoho Sprints:

Zoho Sprints is a free online Agile project management tool created for Scrum teams to plan, track & iterate their work. One can create user stories, estimation points & use timesheets for tracking working hours on Zoho Sprints.

It is believed that Zoho Sprints is easy to configure and one can use it for project management with minimal training.


Formed in February 2012 by company named daPulse, is an Agile project management tool, used as tracking tool & in team collaboration, having a collection of highly customized spreadsheets.

It has pretty developed interface which is comparatively very easy to use.

All the boards on are customizable, there is a Kanban board view available for use as well. It can be used for wide variety of business operations, having more than 50 integrations with other apps.

(4) Kanbanaize:

Kanbanaize was founded in 2008 by Dimitar karaivanov who also discovered Kanban method.

Kanbanaize is an Agile Project management tool which allows visualization of projects, tracking progress & maximizing workflow efficiency.

Kanbanaize comprises of Kanban boards and cards, Timeline Workflow and other Multiple Workflows.

It has a strong email integration system, other than that it also has integrations with various third party tools.

(5) BugDigger:

BugDigger is utilized for generating bug reports. It is associated with JIRA project which comes under Atlassian marketplace.

BugDigger plugin for JIRA allows to submit a detailed bug report. Consistent bug reports are generted by the help of Screenshot of that webpage, URL details & Recent activities on that page. It also gives the flexibility of editing the problematic screenshot.

(6) Asana:

Asana is a cloud-based, Agile Project and task management tool. It can be used for planning, organizing & tracking the progress of an Agile Project. Asana tracks iterations having a number of Boards.

Founded in 2008, Asana is integrated with Microsoft teams. From 2017 onwards Asana is also integrated with Gmail.

It also has a unique feature of Timeline, which businesses can use for easily mapping out their projects.

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