charge laptop with HDMI

How to charge Laptop with HDMI?

How to charge Laptop with HDMI. In this day and age of technology, Laptops are the ultimate need of almost every second individual. The attribute which makes them stand out among all modern devices is the ease with which they can be carried. This portability enhances their usage to great extent.

The best possible usage out of this portability is heavily dependent on Laptop being charged. A charger serves this purpose. The connection between a suitable power source and charger leads to the process of charging.

Life often deviates from ideal scenarios and we are forced to look for secondary possible solutions. There are some alternatives to charging laptops in such unseen events.

Before proceeding to further alternative methods. Let us have a look at How to charge Laptop with HDMI. Depending on whether your Laptop has an HDMI port or not, we have two possible options to go with

Charge Laptop With HDMI:

This method suits you if your Laptop has an HDMI port. A comparatively simpler and easier way with only a couple of accessories and connections required. Requirements for this method include, as mentioned prior, an HDMI port in your Laptop. HDMI cable to go with it. Connect HDMI cable in some source,i.e LED TV HDMI. Now, plugin another end of the HDMI cable into the HDMI port of your laptop.

Charge Laptop With USB C:

charge laptop with USB C 1

We imply this method of charging if our Laptop does not have an HDMI port. We rather use the USB C port of our Laptop in such a scenario.

You must ensure that you have the following things before opting out of this method.

– USB Type C Port

– HDMI adapter cable

– Connector/Adapter for converting type C USB & HDMI.

Few connections are needed to be made to make this method practically viable. First and foremost, connect the HDMI cable to LCD TV or any source that supports it. Now make a connection between an HDMI cable and USB Type C Connector/Adapter. Lastly, Plugin this USB type C Connector/Adapter into a USB port of your laptop and begin with the process of charging.

There is a long list of other possible options for charging laptops without a charger. Some of these include:

Charge Laptop Using a Power Bank:

How to charge Laptop Using a Power bank

A power bank is another option that can be used to charge laptops. Probably the most suitable option.

Firstly you need to be sure of the charging capability of the Power bank. For charging a laptop, a power bank should have power higher than 20000 mAh and a voltage of around 18 volts.

Power banks are generally considered to be costly having prices on the higher side. But they indeed are worth their price as they can be employed to charge some devices such as Smartphones, Laptops and the likes.

Power banks can be easily carried anywhere or everywhere. This portability makes them a great travel companion. Usually, Power banks are designed in such a way that shields them in undesirable circumstances like high temperatures, short circuits, etc. The only thing one must ensure that they are safe and good enough to charge a heavy device like a laptop.

Charge Laptop With Universal Charger:

How to charge Laptop with Universal charger

A Universal charger can be the go-to option. They can be utilized to charge almost every type of laptop covering a broad range of specifications.

The universal charger is believed to be cost-effective and is generally available in the price bracket of $30 or less.

The universal charger usually comes with some Ac adapters, corresponding to the charging port of your laptop.

However, Universal chargers are most suitable for those having several laptops with different specifications. Not the recommended practice in case of a lost or broken charger. The better way is to rather purchase a relevant charger for your laptop.

Charger Laptop in a Car:

charge laptop in a car

A car battery can also come in as a handy option to charge your laptop. This method requires the utilization of cigarette lighter of car. Here again, the need for an adapter arises. An adapter in the range of 18 to 21 volts can be plugged into the car, ultimately being used to charge a couple of devices

Charge with External Battery Charger:

charge laptop with external battery charger

Using an external battery for charging is a secondary way to charge your laptop. Your laptop’s battery must be removable to practically adapt to this method of charging.

A little problem that one may encounter in this case is that most external batteries are brand specific so you are forced to look for relevant brand cognizant to your laptop.

These external batteries directly charge the laptop’s battery. A little cable serves this job, it plugs into the battery directly and then into the wall.

This method is believed to be effective in case if your laptop loses its charge quickly. Most people think that it is a rather inefficient way of charging as removing battery times and again could affect the lifespan of the laptop. You might lose the warranty of your laptop by adapting to this.

Charge using a Super Battery:

charge Laptop using a super battery

Super battery is a makeshift or a secondary battery that comes with a charging cable that is directly being plugged into the battery.

To utilize this, you will have to remove your laptop’s battery and place a super battery in there.

Super batteries are believed to be brand-specific as was the case with external batteries. So you need to be very selective while opting for them.

It is believed to be the least efficient method of charging and should be used in case of extreme emergencies. Moreover, contrary to their name, super batteries hold batteries for a very little period.

Safety of Laptop:

Now coming back, a big question arises whether using HDMI or USB C ports and all these methods to charge, a secure way to opt or not? For that, one must understand the real function of HDMI and USB ports.

High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI), serves the purpose of transferring data. Mainly including Video and Audio signals being transmitted from source devices to monitors. HDMI cables carry such video and audio signals between source & projectors.

Whereas Universal Serial Bus (USB), as the name suggests is used to connect a wide variety of devices with Laptop. These include printers, Speakers, scanners & gaming accessories, etc.

So it clearly shows that both HDMI and USB ports are not meant for charging. Rather a make-shift option and not the permanent solution to the problem. And one has to experience some consequences while going for such makeshift options.

HDMI adapters have little power capacity and hence can take very long periods for the process of charging. It is observed that such alternatives also affect the lifespan of the battery ultimately having a dig on Laptop.

Seeing all these, charging through HDMI, USB ports, and all these alternatives are not the recommended way. Even in undesired circumstances such as in breakdown of charger or misplacement of it. The suggested practice is to purchase a newer charger after evaluating its power and Voltage compatibility as it is specifically designed for your device and is the only thing that best suits your Laptop.

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