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COVID-19 Distance Learning School App

COVID-19 Distance Learning School App

COVID-19 had disastrous effects on almost every field of life. No one knows when this Lockdown situation will end and daily routine will resume. Everything is disturbed and hence the studies. Students are being badly affected by this pandemic, as they are already at home for 2 months. The situation seems like COVID-19 will take 6 months more to be controlled.

So what about Studies? Will Students remain disconnected from schools till then?

Obviously NO!

Promote Distance Learning.

We are lucky because we are living in a technology era. Online School Apps are available, to manage and run schools from home. This Pandemic has led many to help look for solutions.

Let me guide you to No.1 Best Selling Distance Learning Android School App in Pakistan. Preesoft has scrambled to provide their best services in developing fully customized School App.

This app will help you to continue your regular workflow very smoothly. This user-friendly app helps teachers and students to send and receive content in a go.

Admin can monitor and manage each and everything in a single app. Admin can convey his message to his school community in one click. This app participates as a manager for admin. In addition, the admin will receive student fees online within time, because usually fees submissions get late due to busy schedules of parents. This will help to generate quick revenue.

Teachers can upload, receive and check daily home works. They can mark daily attendance. This app participates as a quick helping tool for a teacher.

Students can receive homework updates and submit it as a document file or image or by sharing a link. And if a student is having an issue he can communicate with his teacher and resolve it instantly. This app participates as a homework diary for a student.

Parents can track child performance. They can pay school fees at home through this app very easily. In addition, they will get updates about student reports, important notifications, and fee vouchers, etc …

No worries for messages and calls. Just upload content and send it on a single click. It is very easy to use as it is designed to be used by students at all levels. Simple features like click to view click to send makes it very easy to use. A complete mobile app solution for school management.

Download it FREE from here :

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