Cloud computing service

4 best cloud computing service increases business productivity

Cloud computing service include software and hardware resources available on the internet as external managed services. These services are based on advanced software applications and high-end network [1]. There are different types of cloud computing systems. These cloud computing systems are used in big organizations and also in small organizations and individuals.  

Cloud computing service

Cloud computing service are the delivery of various services over the internet. These resources include tools and applications such as databases, servers, data storage, networking, and software. In a cloud computing system instead of placing files on the local storage device, hard drive, and cloud based storage make it possible to save in a remote database. The electric device on cloud computing has access to software programs and data as long as it has access to the web. Cloud computing is a very popular option for businesses and peoples for different reasons including increased speed and efficiency, productivity, cost-saving, and security [2].

In cloud computing service the information that is accessed exists remotely in the virtual space and cloud. The company that provides cloud computing services allows the users to store applications and files on remote servers and then access all data on the internet. This means that the advantages of the cloud computing system are that the user does not have to be in a specific location to access them so that they can work remotely.

In cloud computing service all the heavy work involved processing data from the device you work on. It works in vast clusters of computers that have been swept away in cyberspace. The internet becomes the cloud of your tasks, data, and applications that are available from any device that you can content to the internet anywhere in the world.

These cloud computing services are systems of the network that provided hosted services. The cloud computing service provides users with a series of functions including storage backup, analyzing data, creating and testing apps, email, audio, and video streaming, and delivering the required software. Cloud computing is a relatively new service but it is being used in a number of organizations from big companies to small businesses, individual customers, and government agencies [2].

The cloud computing service can be both private and public. Each cloud computing service is different from the others. Public cloud services provide services over the internet for a fee. On the other hand, private cloud services serve only a small number of peoples. The private clouds are usually specific for one business. The host of this cloud computing service will be the organization data service center.

Many private cloud computing services are provided on a private network. The public clouds provide their services on storage and servers on the internet. The third parties companies operated these types of cloud services that control and handle all software, hardware, and the general infrastructure. The hybrid options are also available that combine elements of both the private and public sectors. This gives more flexibility and helps optimize user security [2].

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Cloud computing is not a single piece of technology and its system is primarily comprised of three services platform as a service (PaaS), software as a service (SaaS), and infrastructure as a service (IaaS). The platform as a service (PaaS) is the most complex of cloud-based computing. It shared some similarities with the SaaS the difference is that instead of delivering software online it creates the software that delivered via the internet.

PaaS provides sets of workflows and services that target developers who can use processes, shared tools to accelerate the testing, deployment, and development of the applications. PaaS ensure that the developers have access to the resources and use only a specific array of services while operators can maintain the underlying infrastructure. The popular examples of these models include platforms like Heroku and [3].

The software as a service (SaaS) is the type of public cloud computing and delivers applications over the internet through the browser. . The clouds license in this category provided on-demand or pay as you go, model. This system can be found in Microsoft Office 365. The information as a service (IaaS) is the method to deliver everything from operating systems to servers and storage as a part of demand service through IP based connectivity.

It is the public cloud provider to offer compute services and storage on pay per use basis. The big advantage for the client is that he can avoid the need to purchase servers and software and instead procure these resources outsourced on-demand service. The IBM clouds are a popular example of an IaaS system [2, 3].

The cloud computing services software offers a number of benefits to companies and individuals. These clouds computing system has the ability to use software from any device either via a browser or app. This gives an advantage to the users to carry their files and settings over to other devices. Cloud computing is not just to access files on multiple devices but this also gives users to check their email on any computer and even can store the files using services likes Google Drive or Dropbox.

The clouds computing services also make it possible for the users to back up their photos and files and these files are immediately available in the case of a hard drive crash. The clouds computing services provide big organizations with huge cost-saving potential. The companies can swap IT departments and costly server centers for fast internet connections where employees can have access to interact with the cloud online to complete their tasks. [2].

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